We create cycling clothes that are strong, comfortable, and stylish. Customers get what they want when they buy cycling clothes from an independent company that cares about their needs.

We strive to offer varied product lines in order to give you variety in fashion and functionality. Independent from major retailers and political correctness we will never sacrifice quality for sales figures. We focus on producing garments that will last and be of great value, while encouraging individual creativity and interpretation of wear via our unique design process.

We have always wanted to design and make the best products for the cycling community. This is what drives us, every single day. Whether it’s making a prototype, designing a new piece of apparel, or working with a client on creating a set of custom cycling gear, we are committed to providing you the best results every time. A big part of what drives us is helping people implement good practices into their lives, something that can’t be put off. Whether you are looking for a unique and specialized product or need something that will stand the test of time and keep improving; we can help make it happen.