How To Cycle Faster

There are several different ways to improve your cycling speed. And you should know that just because you spend hours on the bike every day doesn’t mean that you are going to get faster.

We have put together some advice to help you cycle faster.

Increase Your Aerobic Capacity

Aerobic capacity refers to the number of calories that you can burn during one hour of cycling. This is known as your “maximal oxygen uptake,” and you can increase it through a variety of methods.

Increasing your power output and getting stronger are the two best ways to do this. But you can also increase your aerobic capacity by simply riding longer.

As your endurance increases, you will naturally get fitter. As a result, you will become stronger, and this will improve your aerobic capacity. And if you continue to increase your endurance, you will eventually get to a point where your aerobic capacity has increased enough that you no longer have to increase your power output to get a bigger increase in your fitness.

Workout Harder

Working out more often is a great way to increase your aerobic capacity. But don’t just work out whenever you feel like it. Instead, schedule your workouts and stick to them. You can find a lot of great online resources that can help you with this.

As you work out more frequently, you will naturally begin to feel fitter and more energetic. And as a result, you will become stronger.

In conclusion, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. It takes effort to stay motivated, but you have to go for it. If you don’t try hard, you’ll never reach your goals. If you want to be successful, you must stay motivated.

Winter Cycling Tips

The cold temperatures are finally here, which means it’s time to put on those layers and start the bike ride of your life. If you don’t already own proper winter biking gear (like gloves, hats, and other accessories), now is the best time to invest in this necessary equipment.

The best way to keep yourself warm while still keeping the heat out is to wear thermal cycling gear. The fabric helps block both wind and cold air from entering your clothes, leaving you feeling warmer than ever before. This may sound simple, but there are many people who neglect this essential piece of clothing because they think that their garments will not be able to handle such extreme conditions. However, this is simply untrue. When properly made, these types of shirts can withstand even the worst weather situations.

A good pair of thermal cycling pants is an important part of any cyclist’s wardrobe. They help prevent overheating, reduce fatigue, and provide excellent insulation. It is a myth that you need to have fancy cycling attire to stay comfortable during long rides. In fact, you can get away with cheap, thin, cotton t-shirts or light jackets if you just want to cover up. However, once you are riding for extended periods of time, the last thing you want is to be exposed to the cold. That’s why a good layer under your shirt is so critical. While there are many different fabrics that you can use for this purpose, the most common material is polyester, which keeps you warm without weighing you down.

If you do decide to invest in some better gear, make sure to choose something with a high thread count.

Nowadays, cycling is not just a sport but also a means of entertainment. When the weather becomes cold, people go out for some physical activities like walking or jogging. But in case you don’t want to do any exercise and want to stay warm and healthy at that time, then you should consider riding a bike instead.

Winter is the best season for cycling as it keeps you fit and makes your body strong. So, I am sharing my top 8 tips which will help you in staying active during winter and enjoying this amazing season to its fullest extent.

  1. Use Sticky Mats

Use sticky mats when you ride your cycle for the first time and see how comfortable they are while doing so. These sticky pads keep your feet dry and give a great grip on the road.

  1. Keep Warm

You can use gloves, socks, or boots to keep yourself warm. Always wear clothes that provide good insulation. You can even get those jackets with a high collar to protect you from wind and rain. Find additional winter cycling gear from our sister site at

  1. Make Your Bike Ready for Cold Weather

Make sure your tires are properly inflated, your brakes work well, and don’t let any debris fall inside. If you plan to go outside, then clean the bicycle thoroughly before leaving it.

  1. Check Tire Pressure Regularly

Tire pressure should be checked regularly and if the tire is low, then fill up the air in the tire using a compressor. It will prevent punctures and increase the overall safety of your bike.

  1. Change Layers

If you are going to do any exercise in the cold weather, then you need to change your layers according to the temperature.


In conclusion, I hope this has been helpful. The best thing you can do for yourself when cycling in winter (or any season) is to prepare properly. Warm clothes that fit right, good footwear and equipment, and an understanding of the weather conditions where you ride are all important. Don’t try to push beyond your limits before you’ve taken time to prepare.

How to Reduce Cycling Pain

Cycling is a great way to stay fit and healthy, but it does come with its risks. For example, cyclists are more likely than non-cyclists to suffer from stress fractures and knee pain. In addition to this, they can also sustain serious neck injuries.

Because of the risk involved in cycling, you may want to consider wearing a helmet when you go out to ride your bike. Helmets reduce the chance of head injury and help protect against falls.

Pain is a sensation that we all feel from time to time. Pain can come as a result of physical injury or disease. There are many ways to treat and reduce pain – such as taking certain medications, visiting your doctor, getting medical advice, or even using complementary therapies like acupuncture. In fact, there are various types of complementary medicines that can be used to help with acute (short-term) pain as well as chronic (long-term) pain. These range from simple things, like applying heat and cold to specific areas, through to more complex methods, like acupressure, aromatherapy, or meditation.

One common form of treatment for reducing pain is massage therapy. Massage is a technique where a therapist applies pressure to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other parts of the body. This helps improve circulation and relax tense muscles.

Stretching exercises are a good way to keep your muscles toned and flexible. They help with flexibility as well as building muscle strength. Stretches are done by pulling back muscles that are tight. There are many types of stretches. Some are specific to certain parts of the body, while others are more general.

You should always stretch before exercising or performing any physical activity. You may feel pain when stretching, but it is important to continue until you reach the desired length. If you have a particular problem area, like your hamstrings (the group of muscles that run down the front side of your lower leg) then you should focus on those areas specifically.

Find more information about staying healthy on Cool Dude Cycling’s blog.


In conclusion, to reduce pain, we need to understand it. We then must learn how to remove the source of our discomfort. This means understanding where the trigger points are located on your body and developing ways to avoid them. The best strategy for this involves an active approach to reducing muscle tension. By using proper posture techniques and regular exercise, you will find that most people with chronic back problems are able to significantly improve their condition without resorting to medication.

Custom Cycling Designs

Custom cycling jerseys are a great way to express yourself through your clothing. Your cycling jersey will make you stand out from the crowd as it will provide you with a distinct look and a great way to advertise your business.

If you want to make your cycling jersey unique, then you should know that there are lots of different types of designs that you can choose from. If you are a new cyclist, then you will probably want to get a custom jersey that has your team logo printed on it, but if you are a seasoned rider, then you will most likely want a jersey that has some unique features.

If you want a custom jersey design, then you should know that you can get a variety of designs and patterns from the website. To get started, you can browse the website to find a design that you like. Once you find a design, you can choose the colors and size that you would like. You can also choose the material from which you would like your jersey to be made. Find more information about creating your own custom design here. You may also visit our sister site, Cool Dude Cycling for a wider range of custom cycling options.

Custom cycling designs are a fun way to personalize your bike. You can customize the front and rear of your bicycle to match your personality, lifestyle, or even your favorite team. Sketch your bike design on a piece of paper or in a photo editor app like Photoshop and then scan the design and send it to us! We will make it into an embroidery design using our industrial embroidery machines.


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