Ambassador Program

Welcome to the ambassador program. Get paid generous commissions for sending customers our way. We provide you with a tracking code which you can add to links. Everything is tracked automatically. Earn cash & merchandise for all the paying customers you send us. Customize it according to your style. 

How it works

Earn money by sending paying customers our way. You will be given a referral id which you can add to the website's link. 

Get paid generous commissions according to individual order amounts. No need to wait. These introductory rates are valid for affiliates who successfully sign up before May 15th 2020. 

10% - Under $60

15% - $60 - $100

17% $100-$200

20% $200-$500

25% $500+

  • Create unique gift cards for your customers. They get a discount and you get commission from what they buy.
  • In addition to these commissions, you may also select products to boost. You'll be paid an additional rate for each product that sells. This would benefit people looking to model & then promote specific products. 
  • We run a bonus scheme on top of the commission payments. Ambassadors are rewarded for the number of orders they send. They can then use the number of orders as a way to redeem merchandise. More details to follow. 

Why it works

This model is performance based and all ambassadors will be rewarded commesurately with the value they bring in. This provides ambassadors with an incentive to earn a continuous stream of income as opposed to a 1-time payment before posting. 

Customers are assigned to each ambassador for life. Automatically earn each time they make a purchase. Earn money when people you have referred start making sales too. 

Who would the program suit?

This program would suit bloggers, instagrammers, influencers and cyclists, anyone with a cycling-related social media presence. It would especially suit business-minded people who can see the advantages of taking the time to set up a funnel which will potentially earn them recurring commissions on all products.

This program is not a get rich quick scheme nor is it for people looking for free merchandise. There are generous rewards in the form of free products in addition to commissions for ambassadors who consistently perform. It takes time, effort & consideration to set up anything worthwhile.This model rewards you according to actual market value. 

Easy Set-Up

Sign up for the program, add your referral ID to the links as per the example shown on the platform. The software will take care of the rest so that you can focus on exposure to people who are likely to make purchases.

Advanced Reporting

Android & iOs apps for instant reporting. Track traffic, order value, conversion rates, current commission payment and much more. 

Fast Payouts

Monthly payments based on the previous month's earnings. No long waits.

Get paid via PayPal or bank transfer (preferred)

Set up a bank account and open a balance in USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, SGD or NZD using Transferwise. Free instant transfers between members, Commission-free purchases on the Transferwise MasterCard, very low international bank transfer rates. 

Get Started

Get started now The rewards are on their way.