Bumblebee Thermal Long Sleeve Cycling Set

Bumblebee Thermal Long Sleeve Cycling Set

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Bumblebee Thermal Long Sleeve Cycling Set

Morvelo bumblebee thermal cycling set includes both a thermal cycling jersey & thermal cycling pants with an incorporated gel pad. This cycling set is great for staying warm in cold weather. The material will keep you warm and is soft on your skin over long distances, allowing you to perform at your optimum level.

The Cycling Jersey:

  • Protects your skin against repetitive friction while allowing complete freedom of movement.
  • Thermal fleece lining for insulation against the cold.
  • Front concealed zipper for increased ventilation.
  • Three rear pockets to store everything you need.
  • Internal silicone waist strip to keep the jersey in place.
  • UPF of 35 to keep you well protected from the sun during training.

Cycling Pants:

  • Thermal insulated cycling pants. 
  • Incorporated anti-bacterial gel pad cushion. 
  • Silicone grip-strip around the knees to keep the shorts in place. 
  • Bib cycling pants with two straps over the shoulders.
  • Double stitching for improved durability.

Sizing: Please consult the sizing chart and use the interactive sizing tool to determine the correct size. Sizing runs smaller than your regular fit. Feel free to mix and match the jersey and pants sizes by leaving a note on the checkout page. 

For larger orders of 5 sets and above, please get in touch first for a better discount and free customization options. 

View more details on the material here.

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